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World Congress of Coloured Sheep 2024

Plans for the 2024 World Congress of Coloured Sheep, to be held in New Zealand in November 2024, are well underway, despite the challenges of planning with any detail due to the continuing COVID pandemic. Currently the plan is that…

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46th Annual Conference & AGM

The Manawatu Branch warmly invites all members of the BCSBA to join us at “our place”, 19-23 April 2023. We look forward to welcoming you. The conference will be held at the Distinction Hotel & Conference Centre, Cuba St Palmerston…

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BCSBA Annual Competitions and Results 2022

Each year, at the annual conference and AGM, the BCSBA runs competitions for its members. There are five sections: National Fleece; Handcraft Fleece; Photographs; Handcraft; and Sheepskin. Within each section there are different categories/classes, chosen by the branch hosting the…

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Genetics – Breaking the Rules

By Wendy Allison, Wairarapa. In the previous article we looked at why some colours are quite rare - because it’s unlikely for a lamb to receive full pairs of recessive alleles on all three loci. But there are a few…

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My Human Pet Sheep

By Georgie Fairless My pet sheep is named Brownie as she is a moorit coloured Corriedale/Merino cross. She thinks differently to her three Romney sheep companions, does not like having her photo taken. Brownie is now five years old and…

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