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Please note: ‘Full membership’ and and ‘Group -two votes’ membership levels allow more than one name to be registered on the membership. This is intended to allow more than one person in a household, relationship or partnership to be part of the same membership.

  • ‘Full membership’ allows up to three other names to be registered, but only one has the right to vote
  • ‘Group – two votes’ can have one other name registered with both names having the right to vote.

In both cases, one person should register first which will generate a coupon code to be used by the subsquent person/s.

Level Price  
Full membership $45.00 now and then $80.00 per Year. Select
Junior (under 18) $30.00 per Year. Select
Group - two votes $85.00 now and then $120.00 per Year. Select
Overseas $80.00 per Year. Select

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