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‘The World of Coloured Sheep’

For the 6th World Congress on Coloured Sheep, which was held in Christchurch in November 2004, the Black and Coloured Sheep Breeders’ Association of New Zealand published a book entitled  ‘The World of Coloured Sheep’ edited by Roger S. Lundie and Elspeth J. Wilkinson. The original print run sold out fairly quickly so a second run was printed soon after. The book was a 248 page compilation of articles from all over the world about all aspects of coloured sheep and their wool, with beautiful photos and illustrations in colour.

This book has all but completely sold out now, with only a handful of copies still available from within some of the Association branches.

Recently the Association received an enquiry via our online web form to ask if there were any copies of this book left. Unfortunately the return email supplied on the form is invalid, so a response has not been possible. If the person concerned is still interested in purchasing one of the last available copies, please contact us again, via the webmaster’s email address

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