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BCSBA Annual Competitions and Results 2020

Each year, at the annual conference and AGM, the BCSBA runs competitions for its members. There are five sections: National Fleece; Hand Craft Fleece; Photographs; Sheepskin; and Hand Craft. Within each section there are different categories/classes, chosen by the branch hosting the conference. The classes for the fleece and the sheepskin competitions don’t vary greatly from year to year, but the descriptions for the different classes in the photographic and hand craft sections are eagerly awaited for each by keen entrants.

The main difference between the National Fleece and the Hand Craft Fleece competitions is the emphasis on the weight of the fleece, and the formality of the judging. In the National Fleece competition, 25% of the final mark is allocated to the fleece weight, which is carefully calculated based on the estimated micron value (how fine the fibre is) and the yield (how much weight will remain after scouring). Other attributes of the fleece are assigned marks by experienced and skilled wool judges from throughout New Zealand. The National Fleece competition is probably considered the most prestigious of all the competitions, and the top places are keenly contested. The Hand Craft Fleece competition is different in that not so much importance is placed on weight, and the main emphasis is on the quality of the fleece from the point of view a hand crafter.

2020 Winners and highly commended entries for the open class section of the handcraft competition
Only one section, the Hand Craft competition, has a class for non-members, and we are always very pleased to receive entries from skilled hand crafters from throughout New Zealand. In 2020, of the total 17 entries, 12 came from outside the BCSBA.

In 2020, due to COVID-19, our conference was cancelled, but, as this decision was taken after all competition entries had closed, the competitions were still judged. Normally the entries for these competitions are displayed for public view, and announcement of the results and our prize giving ceremony take place at the time of the annual conference, but this year the first announcement of the results is taking place on our new website, in the following document.

Congratulations to all prize winners.

2020 Competition Entries and Results

Photos of Competition Entries
Note, available only to members of the BCSBA. Branch secretaries have been notified of the password.

2020 Supreme Champion Fleece

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