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Hatched: 1977
Matched: Still single. A branch on its own, with no union at the moment.
Dispatched: Not in the foreseeable future, as we are still going strong.

We have activities throughout the year, usually at members’ homes. We try to shift them around Southland so that everyone has a chance to come to at least one activity a year. Our aim is to knit our members together by exchanging ideas and helping each other through relaxing and interesting time out.

Our Upcoming Events

Our activities have included:
selecting ewes to go to the ram
wool classing lessons
visiting a woollen mill at Milton
teaching members how to spin and weave wool
bus trips around the province viewing other people’s flocks
potluck midwinter meal, with a speaker to follow (not necessarily related to black and coloured sheep)
visiting museums and gardens

Over the years of the national association the Southland branch has provided people for some of the top jobs.

If you want more information on what the branch is up to at any time, please contact  our secretary who will be more than willing to help you

Further Information


Brian Croot
229 Egerton Road, RD 1, Winton
03 236 0787

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About the Association

This Association was founded in 1976. There are now twelve branches throughout New Zealand, and members range from small block owners to those with large commercial flocks. Some produce wool for use in their own handcrafts such as spinning, felting and weaving, or to sell to craftspeople. Others are involved in commercial production of natural coloured wool products, or breed for high quality sheepskins. Some do not own sheep, but have an interest in natural coloured wool.

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