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World Congress of Coloured Sheep 2024

Plans for the 2024 World Congress of Coloured Sheep, to be held in New Zealand in November 2024, are well underway, despite the challenges of planning with any detail due to the continuing COVID pandemic.

Currently the plan is that the Congress will commence with one to two days of papers presented, coinciding with the NZ Agricultural Show, 13 – 15 November 2024.

Participants will be able to view sheep judging at the Show on the Wednesday, and enjoy all the other attractions that the largest show in New Zealand provides. A bus trip will then leave Christchurch and travel around the lower part of the South Island, including visits to flocks of coloured sheep as well as many of the tourist attractions in the South Island.

The planning committee would like feedback from potential participants, as follows:

  1. An indicative expression of interest from anyone who is considering attending the Congress.
  2. How long should the South Island bus trip be – 7, 10 or 14 days?
  3. Would participants also like a bus trip in the North Island, possibly a weekend prior to, or after, the South Island activities?

Please send any feedback to one of the three following people:
Leo Ponsonby:
Anita Erskine:
Stewart Albrey:

Further updates will be posted on the BCSBANZ website –

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