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Annual Conference and AGM 2022

All members of the BCSBA are cordially invited to the 45th Annual Conference and AGM, hosted by the Silverpeaks branch, in Mosgiel from 28 April – 1 May 2022.

Full details about the venue, accommodation, programme and annual competitions are available in the pamphlet  BCSBA Conference 2022.

Please note the following updates to the information about the fleece competitions in the pamphlet.

All fleece classes, limit of two fleeces per membership per class.

National Fleece Competition

  • Class 1, Mature (31 microns and finer)
  • Class 4 Woolly Hogget (31 microns and stronger)
  • Class 6 Shorn Hogget (31 microns and stronger)

Handcraft Fleece Competition

Handcraft fleeces need to be a full naturally coloured fleece (not part of a fleece) with the following minimum weights. Fine and strong classes are defined by the breed.

  • Gotland lambs 750g
  • Gotland mature, 1kg
  • Fine breed, 1.5kg
  • Strong breed, 2kg

See you there.

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